Invest in proven potential

unleashing the human spirit through purposeful capital

We've made humans investable

the most exciting asset class in private equity


By developing proprietary metrics and analytical frameworks, we have pioneered methods to quantifiably measure and enhance the resilience of the exceptional individuals in whom we invest.


Disciplined in our investment approach and committed to the long-term development of our portfolio, we instill the habits of focus, rigor, and accountability that empower our exceptional individuals to achieve their transformative potential.


Recognizing that human drive is the fundamental engine of progress, we seek out and cultivate extraordinary individuals whose relentless ambition and passion are catalysts for innovation and impact.

How we do it

data based decision making on the skills that matter for asset enhancement

Mindset Profile

We utilize an empirically backed profile and Harvard's leading Psychologist to assess, interpret, and transform soft skills into investable quantifications.

elite accelerator

Exclusive partners of, an elite accelerator that transforms proven potential into world class CEO's through a time tested, research backed, and investor approved playbook to acquire and lead thriving businesses.